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         Integrated Energy Therapy Classes in
               Beacon and Montgomery
                           Click this link

  Listening and Communication Workshops
                Individuals and Groups
                Children, Teens, Adults

  Do You Hear What I Hear?© -
              Virtual or In-Person Class
      Interpersonal Communication Skills
      Topics include:
      Active Listening
      Common behaviors that lead to conflict
      Insights into your personal style
      Tips to promote positive interactions
          4-hour class   On Skype or In-Person

    Usui Reiki Level I                  June 4, 2023
          Beacon, NY                         $200               

Online and Remote Consulting and Healing Work available throughout the year upon request.
                  Travel to teach and consult

Holistic Healing/Energy Therapy sessions and

I am also a practitioner of all modalities that I teach.
     Contact me to schedule a personal session.

Payment accepted - Cash, Check, Money Order             

"Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form."

    Marcel Vogel

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