Workshops and Events Calendar

Post workshop follow-up is included in fee     Private Classes and Sessions Available

Free Online Conflict Resolution Support  Jan & Feb
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Travel to teach and consult as pandemic allows.

Pre-Registration Required for All Classes & Shares

Holistic Healing/Energy Therapy sessions and Classes will be offered as COVID protocols allow.

Online and Remote Consulting and Healing Work available throughout the year upon request.

    IET Basic - Master Instructor Classes & More

Until further notice, these will be private or 2-person classes with social distancing and masks.
     Additional classes available upon request.

Basic                 10am-6pm      $205         4/09/2021
Intermediate     10am-6pm      $230         4/10/2021

Advanced         10am-6pm      $230         4/11/2021
                      Montgomery, NY                 6/27/2021

Master Instructor 10am-6pm   $695      7/10-11/2021
                     Montgomery, NY

Master Instructor 10am-6pm    $695     10/16-17/2021
                        Montgomery, NY

Check for more under my name at

USUI REIKI-WESTERN AND JAPANESE STYLES Reiki Share Shares -  Online support available 
                Beacon, NY                     Donation
  Pre-Registration is requested by Sunday before 
Reiki Level I    10am-6pm         $150       On Request

Reiki Level II   10am-6pm         $200       On Request
Advanced Reiki Training (ART)$200      On Request
(Pre-requisite for Reiki Master Teacher training)

Reiki Master Teacher                 $400        TBD

Komyo ReikiDo - Japanese Style           
NB - New Komyo Reiki students must begin with Level I, even if they have been attuned in other Reiki systems.

              Crystal Classes & Sessions
Vogel Healing - Upon request  and
Offered at Crystal Connection Fair Events
           TBD                     Wurtsboro, NY
New Crystal Series     Beacon       Summer 2021

I am also a practitioner of all modalities that I teach.
     Contact me to schedule a personal session.

Payment accepted - Cash, Check, Money Order             Sponsor a class in your location? Let's talk. 

"Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form."

    Marcel Vogel

PHONE/FAX: 845-831-4026