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Post workshop follow-up is included in fee     
Private Classes and Sessions Available

            Travel globally to teach and consult
Pre-Registration Required for All Classes & Shares

    IET Basic - Master Instructor Classes & More

Basic                 10am-6pm     $205        TBD                                                         

Intermediate     10am-6pm     $230        TBD

Advanced         10am-6pm     $230        7/20/2019

          all of the above at Beacon, NY 
Master Instructor 10am-6pm $695       8/23-24/2019
         at Newburgh, NY

Master Instructor 10am-6pm $695     10/26-27/2019
         at Beacon, NY

Vision Board     Noon-4pm     $33         
Create your Vision infused with Angelic energy
Poster Board and art supplies included, bring magazines

Healing Angels Workshop
Connect with the IET Healing Angels of the Energy Field for your very own personal messages and support
Invite Inspiration & Peace into your Heart for the New Year
    10am-6:00pm              $99                      TBD

Check for more under my name at

USUI REIKI-WESTERN AND JAPANESE STYLES Reiki Share Shares -                                                           7/1/2019            6pm-8pm        Beacon, NY  Donation
  Pre-Registration is requested by Saturday before 
Reiki Level I    10am-6pm         $150        TBD
    at Sacred Space, 436 Main St, Beacon, NY

Reiki Level II   10am-6pm         $200         TBD
    at Sacred Space, 436 Main St, Beacon, NY
Advanced Reiki Training (ART)$200     TBD
(Pre-requisite for Reiki Master Teacher training)
Reiki Master Teacher                 $400   

Komyo ReikiDo - Japanese Style           
NB - New Komyo Reiki students must begin with Level I, even if they have been attuned in other Reiki systems.
              Crystal Classes
Vogel Healing - Upon request  and
Offered at Crystal Connection Fair Weekend
      8/17&18/2019                     Wurtsboro, NY

New Crystal Series     Beacon       Summer 2019

I am also a practitioner of all modalities that I teach.
     Contact me to schedule a personal session.

Payment accepted - Cash, Check, Money Order

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"Love is the glue of the universe and helps keep matter in form."

    Marcel Vogel

    IET - Integrated 
    Energy Therapy                 

Thank You All!

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