Crystal Class Outlines

Classes include experiential instruction -
You will get to see "how it feels" firsthand
Intuitive vs. Prescriptive Crystal Therapy

Examples of crystals from each of the 7 basic groups
Metaphysical qualities attributed to crystals
Elemental energies attributed to crystals
Intuitive vs. Prescriptive use of stones in crystal therapy
Grids and Arrays
Definition of Grids vs. Arrays
Designing and Energizing your Grid
Designing and Energizing your Array
Grids and Arrays in energy healing work
Marcel Vogel - Crystal Healing & Divine Love

Level I Vogel Healing Crystal Training *

Marcel Vogel, IBM Fellow who also became what he called a Spiritual Scientist, was guided to develop a uniquely faceted form of quartz crystal for healing.  He used these crystals with Love to focus human intention for healing, structuring water and other fluids, meditation and other applications in service to humanity.

The Level 1 Certification Class provides a foundation for this work through both written material and personal experience with Vogel Cut Crystals. 

In this one-day experiential workshop, you will:
Learn the basics of working with a Vogel Crystal
Use the crystal for self-healing and work on others
Use the crystal to enhance meditation
Use the crystal to explore color therapy
Have fun

Upon completion of the class and post-class practicum, you will be eligible for a Level 1 Certification in Vogel Healing Techniques from
Included with permission is material from Rumi Da's book and Bob Fritchie's prior workshop manual

The Level 2 Certification Class expands upon the prior work and includes additional insights and techniques from Marcel and those directly associated with him.  However, the primary focus of this class will be to advance the abilities of each student to be of service to others and humanity as was Marcel's vision.  There will be a requirement of documented sessions on others to be completed and returned within 6 months in order to receive a certificate.
Please note - For work on others in the class, you must use a properly Vogel Cut quartz healing crystal.  You may bring your own, purchase one through me, or pay an additional $200 to use one of mine with the understanding that you will pay the full purchase price if it is damaged during the class.  (Retail for properly cut crystals is quite a bit higher.)

I use all types of crystals in my other work and classes.  For this work, it
does matter that you have a properly cut healing crystal of his design.  You will see why in the workshop.

Should you decide to purchase your own within 30 days after the class, the $200 usage fee may be credited toward purchase so long as there was no damage to the class crystal.                                                                                                     
See Marcel Vogel on YouTube for More Information

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