Crystals communicate through the universal energy of Light.

As human crystals, we also communicate through the energy of Light.

Crystal Energy Work
Classes & Sessions

Physics & Metaphysics of Crystals

Classes on structure and types of crystals and stones, historical and industrial uses, metaphysical properties attributed to crystals and stones, grids and arrays, clearing and programming techniques. 

Crystal Resonance Therapy™
Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist

Integrating the resonant fields of energy created by the planet, our hearts and individual energy systems, with the energy of crystals and stones to promote a balanced energy field and to support personal growth.

Primus Activation Healing Technique™

Certified PAHT Teacher

PAHT is a simple way to balance your energy field, to promote relaxation and stress reduction, by using the physical Law of Resonance and your Heart-Centered Intention.  Working with the Human Crystal and natural energy flows, PAHT can promote healthful balance and assist expanded awareness.

             Energy Therapy Sessions and Consultation
Heartfelt thanks to Naisha Ahsian for CRT and PAHT

Vogel Healing Techniques

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was an IBM Fellow, credited with inventing the first UV light test for cervical cancer, the red color on our TV, the magnetic coating on IBM's computer hard-drives, Liquid Crystal technology and more.  For the last 7 years of his life, he devoted himself to opening a research laboratory dedicated to service to humanity, especially for healing applications.  It was named Psychic Research Institute (PRI) and the centerpiece of his research was the quartz Vogel Cut Crystal®.  Marcel had proven that the energy of mind has an impact on our reality, including our physical bodies, emotions and mental constructs.  And so he became what he called a "soft scientist" as well as the" hard scientist" of his long successful industrial career.  Through prayer, he was given the design of a uniquely faceted quartz crystal to use as a tool in his work with subtle energies.  He went on to make many astounding discoveries and to share his knowledge and theories in lecture and discussion with audiences from a wide array of disciplines.
Simply put -
A practitioner invokes a field of Divine Love within which to work; and that field is supported by a properly cut and programmed Vogel Crystal.  With breath, intention to serve and awareness, the practitioner then typically facilitates processes such as:
Energy Assessment for Self and Others
Removal of Energy Blocks for Self and Others
Energy Therapy for Self and Others
Energy Balance for Self and Others
Dimensional Healing
Water and Other Fluid Structuring   

With deep gratitude to Marcel Vogel and all who carry on his legacy of Love

Mangano Calcite -
Early in my sharing of this stone, a woman handed one back to me with the comment, "This stone is good for breast cancer."  When I asked what made her say that, she said,     " Because I am a survivor and I can feel it."

It became my "October Stone" because of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But, it is a welcome companion all year.

I have found it useful for an upset stomach on occasion.

Some say it invites Angels.
What does it say to you?

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Mangano Calcite Heart